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Brick Cladding

Brick Cladding

Brick Cladding Materials

Brick Panels — Better Than The Original

Brick Panels are our porcelain and clay based panels that have the aesthetics of real bricks, but without their drawbacks (i.e. heavy weight and labour intensive, wet installation). As with our porcelain panels, our brick panels are sintered to 1,200-1,400 ○C (2,192 °F - 2,552 °F), are non porous, and are waterproof. They provide optimal resistance to staining, scratching, fading from UV light, and to the formation of mould.

Benefits of Brick Panels

The primary benefits of Brick composite panels are consistent quality, uniform appearance and colour, ease and speed of installation, and longevity of the product. Our strong and light composite brick panels are designed for exceptional performance, as they share the common characteristics found in all our AirLayer-based panels (i.e. excellent fire resistance, versatility, blast, earthquake, and impact resistance, and the ability to be install year-round).

Customization and More

Panels can be can be up to 5’ x 10’ in size, but can be customized to your requirements. And through our design-assist program, we can optimize the design and application of our panels for maximum benefit in terms of design aesthetics, functionality, and cost savings. And as with all our cladding products, we guarantee that they will not delaminate for the life of the product.
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