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Coated Cladding

Coated Cladding

Coated Panels Materials

Coated Panels — Colourful and Economical

Coated Panels are our AirLayer-based panels, coated and cured with non-toxic, PVDF-based thermoplastic paint, that is guaranteed not to chip, peel or delaminate for the life of the product. Our unique paint formulation and adhesion process ensures exceptional quality control and product longevity, while providing optimal resistance to staining, scratching, fading, or mould formation.

Benefits of Coated Panels

The primary benefits of our Coated composite panels are consistent quality, uniform appearance and colour, ease of installation and product longevity. These strong and light panels are designed for exceptional performance, and display common characteristics found in all our AirLayer-based panels such as rapid installation speed, excellent fire resistance, versatility, blast, earthquake, and impact resistance, and the ability to install year-round.

Customization and More

Coated panels can be made up to 5’ x 13’ in size, but can be customized to your requirements. They are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including custom blended colours or colours matched to other materials. Our design assist program can help to optimize the design and application of our panels to improve design aesthetics, functionality, and cost savings.
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