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Glass Cladding

Glass Cladding

Glass Colours - Customizable transparency levels

Glass Panels — Beauty and Strength

Glass Panels panel products capture the elegance and beauty of glass, with the practically of a light, strong, and versatile core. This frees the glass to be used in many creative and expressive ways such as reflecting light with a high gloss finish, or softening light with a matte or frosted finish. Panels are available in a wide range of colours, finishes and textures… but can also be etched and screen printed if required.

Characteristics and Benefits

Glass Panels, similar to all our panel products, display characteristics and benefits such as quicker and lower cost design, rapid installation speed, high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent fire resistance, versatility, blast, earthquake, and impact resistance, and imperviousness to moisture penetration. You can also depend on the panels not to delaminate for the life of the product.

Customization and More

Panels size and shape can be customized to your needs, but can be up to 5’ x 13’ in size. As well, we can help you to use our Glass Panels in more inventive ways through our complementary design-assist program.
Glass Colours and Metal options
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