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Solar Cladding

Solar Cladding - Mitrex

Solar Cladding Material

The challenge with today’s solar panels is that they look like solar panels. Our Solar Cladding composite panels are unlike any solar panels in existence today. Utilizing new design aesthetics, patented technology, and our proven and reliable panel sub-structure, our Solar composite panels have the outward appearance of natural or engineered surface materials, with the ability to generate electricity at conversion rates very close to that of conventional solar panels.

Natural Looking Panel Appearance

Our solar panels share the benefits of our other AirLayer-based composite panels (i.e. lightweight, exceptional strength, fast installation speed, and excellent fire resistance). The primary benefits are that they look like natural or engineered construction materials. The aesthetics of our panel is based on a frameless design, a solar active subsurface module, hidden mountings, and a homogeneous or non-homogeneous surface that can be customized for colour and finish. This allows the surface to emulate uniform colours and finishes, but also non-uniform colours and patterns found in natural materials such as stone. Our Solar panel is a completely new product that sets the standard for seamless, integrated, and beautiful solar cladding, that can accommodate any building type or architectural design.
Please go to Mitrex.systems for more information on our solar products.
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