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Why Cladify

Cladify Systems

AirLayer™ Panel Technology adapted from the Aerospace Industry

Cladify panels are designed for extreme strength, low weight, and high rigidity. At their core is our AIRLAYER™ panel technology—which is based on a series of proprietary lamination techniques adapted from the aerospace industry. The technology includes a series of proprietary cell cores sandwiched between two continuous layers of solid sheathing. The cladding layer, situated on top of the core, is a 2 to 5mm (0.08-0.20”) veneer of natural or engineered material bonded with a special, fire-resistant adhesive (also adapted from the aerospace industry). This adhesive was chosen for its ability to withstand 300 MPH winds, very high sheering forces, tensile forces, and a wide range of temperature extremes… all without delaminating or losing any structural integrity.

Key Benefits

Quicker & Lower Cost Design: Our composite panel cladding system takes less time to design than traditional brick, masonry, porcelain or traditional dimensional stone.  

Rapid Fabrication: Our panels can be fabricated in a relatively short time frame. Panels can be constructed as work progresses and delivered on site according to your schedule, ready to install.

Rapid Installation Speed: With its high strength and low weight density of approximately 3.3 Lbs/ft2, installers can quickly and easily install Cladify composite panels. 

Year-Round Installation: You can install year-round with Cladify composite panels because they do not require field-applied mortar or epoxy.

Low Cost: Cladify composite panels are much lower in cost when you compare the costs of purchase, and factor in the transportation, handling, and installation costs of traditional materials.

Thin & Light Weight: Up to 80% lighter than traditional stone, steel, wood cladding, or common partitioning materials.

High Strength To Weight Ratio: This means higher performance compared to other natural or synthetic materials.

Contributes To LEED Certification: Our panels can contribute up to 27 points toward LEED certification.

Excellent Fire Resistance: Cladify aluminum AirLayerTM panels are highly fire resistant compared to wood, PVC, insulation, drywall, and other sheathing materials.

Highly Precise & Flat Surface: They are needed to achieve highly accurate and trouble-free installations.  

Good Sound Proofing & Dampening: The hollow, core is highly absorbent to sound and can be used in numerous sound damping and soundproofing applications.

Versatile: Ideal for new, out-of-the-box design ideas because they can be fabricated into virtually any shape, size, or pattern required.

Blast, Earthquake & Impact Resistant: Our panels are crack and impact resistant because they flex without breaking.

Extremely Strong: Our panels have exceptional crush strength and stiffness, constant crush strength, structural integrity, and fatigue resistance.

Impervious To Moisture Penetration: Our panels are impervious to moisture penetration which can cause mould or mildew.

Natural Or Engineered Stone: Our composite panels can be made with almost any cladding material available.

Highly Integrated Panel Components: Our various types of panels are engineered in such a way that they seamlessly integrate with one another for virtually any cladding application imagined.

Application Solution Consulting: As architects, engineers and experienced field technologists, we know how to specify and apply Cladify products to solve real-world design and construction problems.

An Exceptional Warranty: Our composite panels are guaranteed not to delaminate for the life of the structure.

Panel Edge Closure Design

Exposed edge areas are a source of potential weakness in the design as they may be susceptible to local impact or environmental damage. Edge closures are also important because they may also provide localized reinforcement, attachment points, or simply meeting aesthetic requirements. We have a number of edging solutions available depending on the application required.
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