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Why Cladify

Simple and Flexible Installation

Multiple Methods To Suit Your Needs

There are different types of Cladify composite panels to suit your needs, however, they are all designed to work together in a seamless, highly engineered and integrated system. Each panel can be mounted onto the building structure in one of four ways (Interlocking Channels, Z-Clips, Anchor Plates, or Adhesive) depending on the application and underlying material (drywall, metal or wood studs, concrete, pre-existing stone, or other materials). These mounting methods create varying depths of space in the building envelop to accommodate wiring, conduits, and to provide for aeration. Panels can be supplied and installed on vertical, horizontal, or angled surfaces for a fraction of the cost of other cladding systems.

The example below shows how a typical interlocking channel is installed.
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