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Why Cladify

The Sustainable Facade System


Our sustainable facades are a truly integrated cladding solution with active and non-active options designed to meet the needs of any application.

Composite cladding is a precision-made and engineered system designed to revolutionize the way materials can be used as cladding. With our product engineering and design capabilities, there are virtually no applications in which one would choose conventional cladding over our composite panels.

The solution is a highly integrated cladding system designed to lower costs, improve performance, and increase design/ versatility for any application. This high-quality cladding system allows architects, designers, builders, engineers, and contractors to improve the design aesthetics and marketability of their commercial, institutional, residential, or multi-residential projects.

Our sustainable facades offer different types of solutions depending on your requirements. Each panel can be attached through one of three systems– rainscreen, pre-panelized, or unitized facades, depending on the application and underlying material.

The panels can be supplied and installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces for a fraction of the cost of alternative panels on the market. They provide remarkable savings in terms of transportation, installation time, installation skill required, labor costs, and structural requirements. 

These panels are strong, ultra-lightweight, low cost, easy-to-install, impact and crack resistant, fire and heat resistant, waterproof, environmentally sustainable, and can be made from many materials in virtually any pattern, shape, or size imagined. Complete with an exceptional warranty, this beautiful composite panel is the cladding system of choice for transformational design as well as tight construction budgets.


Offered by the Cladify branch, our nonactive panels feature interchangeable facing materials over an ultra-lightweight advanced backing system consisting of an aluminum honeycomb network between solid aluminum sheaths. The cladding system has endless material options, from porcelain to stone, coated aluminum, and brick. Combining that with a versatile backing system, our non-active panels are perfect for any application.


Our active panels by Mitrex feature integrated solar technology (BIPVs) that allow for seamless energy generation without sacrificing aesthetics. The panels generate energy and supply it back to the structure while saving energy costs and reducing carbon emissions. Available in any pattern or color imaginable, our active solar cladding allows architects, building owners, and developers to incorporate solar technology into any project.
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