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Cladding Products

AirLayer™ Cladding Panels


Our Cladding Products

Our Cladding Products

Our products are designed around the concept of the “universal cladding solution” for all building structures. We have been instrumental in pioneering this new way of thinking—that of an integrated, light, flexible, cost effective, composite panel system that also had superior performance characteristics compared to other methods of cladding. We have evolved the composite panel to a level that is redefining quality, aesthetics, safety, strength, versatility, utility, functionality, design, material customization, performance, and cost reduction in the construction industry.

Our Composite Panel System

The foundation of our composite panel system is our AIRLAYER™ technology—a series of proprietary lamination technologies adapted from the aerospace industry. Our surface materials include natural stone, porcelain, glass, brick, PVDF thermoplastic coatings, and even solar panels designed to look like natural or engineered surface materials. Panels can be anchored to any solid vertical, horizontal, or angled surface using a variety of fastening methods and hardware (depending on the requirements the structure).

Composite Panel Characteristics and Benefits

Each of our composite panels are thin and light weight and share these common characteristics and benefits including quicker and lower cost design, rapid fabrication, fast installation, year-round installation, high strength-to-weight ratio, a high contribution to LEED certification, excellent fire resistance, a highly precise and flat surface, good sound proofing and dampening, versatility, blast, earthquake, and impact resistance, extreme strength, and imperviousness to moisture penetration.
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