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Why Cladify

Our Why

A Philosophy of Optimization and Sustainability

Cladify was founded with the belief that cladding should be optimized for efficiency and effectiveness. This is the underlying philosophy that drives everything that we do, including the development of some of the most advanced products in the industry. This includes innovative cladding products that generate solar energy, but also look and function like normal cladding. What is even more exciting is that we have engineered our Mitrex solar panel products to meet three goals: beautiful aesthetics, affordability, and exceptional functionality. We believe that we can make sustainability a reality.

Universal & Comprehensive Cladding

The Cladify Panel System is a truly integrated composite panel technology designed to meet the needs of any building or structural application. It is a comprehensive and universal cladding system—flexible, adaptable, light, strong, proven, safe, easy-to-install, and cost-effective. At its foundation is our AIRLAYER™ technology—a series of “aerospace wafer cores” that have been adapted for use in the creation of composite cladding panels for the construction industry.

Product Customization and Engineering

Our products can be customized to meet the exact needs of our clients (panel size, surface material, core, mounting system, production lead time, etc.). In addition to customization, we can help you optimize the building’s design to reduce your production and installation costs. In essence, we can help you engineer a better solution at no additional cost.

High Quality Products | Three Week Turnaround

Cladify and Mitrex products are made in one of the most advance production facilities in the world. Our automated production lines can turn around product orders in just 2-3 weeks vs. the customary 12 weeks. This allows us to deliver products when the customer needs them. Shorter production cycles also increases product quality, reduces handling, and allows for JIT deliveries… thus saving time and money for clients.

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