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Limitless Design Capabilities

In A Cost EffectivE

 Cladding Framework

Applications of Our Cladding System

Beautiful • Versatile • Adaptable

Cladify’s unique cladding system is designed to be one of the most adaptable and versatile cladding solutions available. Our system is able to do things that are only limited by imagination. Its success lies in the flexibility and adaptability of the system to accommodate the needs of the building design, regardless of complexity. For example, our system uses four modes of fastening (with variable levels of spacing) to accommodate insulation, wiring, or ventilation. Panels can be made into architectural elements (columns, beams, etc…), which can include curves and unusual corner angles. The surface materials can change to meet budgetary, functional, or aesthetic requirements… and that includes colour, finishes, textures, and patterns.
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