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Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding Materials

Stone Panels – Natural Elegance

Some of the most beautiful surface materials that can be used in construction come from nature, and in particular, natural stone. Our Stone panels capture the wonderful benefits of real, natural stone, without the limitations (weight, difficulty of transport, or small panel size). Our stone composite panels are highly engineered and manufactured to exceedingly precise levels of quality and finishing. They are designed as part of an integrated system, that allows for cladding solutions that would not be possible, or would be much more expensive, using traditional dimensional stone cladding.

An Array of Benefits

As with all our AirLayer-based composite panels, Stone panels display common benefits such as low cost, low weight, exceptional strength, high strength-to-weight ratio, rapid fabrication, rapid installation speed, year-round installation, a high contribution To LEED certification, and exceptional fire resistance. Panels are also guaranteed not to delaminate for the life of the product.

Solution Consulting and More

Panels can be customized to your needs, and can be up to 5’ x 10’ in size. And to help architects get the most out of our cladding products, we also provide complementary, application solution consulting to optimize the product’s use for your project.
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