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Revolution in Smart Cladding

A Global Innovator in Cladding Systems & Solutions

Cladify has evolved from almost 20 years of perfecting the art and science of cladding; first with stone, and now with a light weight, strong, and highly integrated, composite panel cladding system. It’s designed to lower costs, improve building performance, and increase design/application versatility for new construction, renovations, and retrofits. The company is characterized by relentless innovation, and continuous research and development to develop better and more diverse cladding products to meet the aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs of our clients.

Our Core Technology

Click below to take a closer look at our "AirLayer™" core technology that is used as the foundation for all of our cladding panels. This technology makes our panels strong, light, affordable, and durable.

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Facing Materials

Our composite cladding panels are built on our “AirLayer™” core technology. This core technology can support a variety of surface materials such as stone, porcelain, glass, brick, and coated colour surfaces. You can mix and match different facing materials without having to change the installation method. Our Mitrex product line includes solar energy generating panels and balcony railings.



Discover how clients used our technology to design and combine different facing material in the examples below. In collaboration with our clients, we push the limits of architectural design and strive to realize groundbreaking projects efficiently.

  • Stone Cladding

  • Porcelain Cladding

  • Glass Cladding

  • Brick Cladding

  • Solar Cladding

  • Solar Railing

Aura Condominium

Stone cladding integrated directly into the curtain wall

Overcoming the limitations of dimensional stone. Discover how our cladding system allowed stone to be integrated directly into the curtain wall of the Aura Condominium, all while reducing the overall installation time by 25%. We transformed an impossible multi-crew job into a quick one-crew solution.
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