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Cladding For Curtain Walls

Style: Invisible

The Cladify Cladding System is the perfect solution for Curtain Wall applications, with its frameless design, lightweight, high strength, and adaptable mounting system. A Cladify-based curtain wall is very light. This reduces the need for extra structural support that can add weight and cost to the building. The panel assembly resists air and water infiltration but also allows for the drainage of any moisture that may get in behind the panels, as in the case of condensation. The panel assembly will absorb building sway that can result from wind or seismic forces acting on the building. The added flexibility, configurability, and performance of our panel system make this the perfect solution to any curtain wall application.
Cladding For Curtain Walls Cladding For Curtain Walls


Style: Visible

Aquabella Bayside Totonto
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